Cat Cafe is Love

Last week’s Monday (June 12), we celebrated the Philippine Independence Day 🇵🇭 and of course it was declared as a holiday for us worker which means we can get to go wherever and do whatever we wanted or needed to for one day.

And since I’ve been really feeling drained for a couple of months now, I wanted to shake the stress off of me and ever since last year, I’ve been longing for a warm and furry feel of a ball – A Cat. Mmeeoww

So I’ve decided to go to a cat cafe no matter what and since we are allowed to have a rest day in one day (while celebrating the country’s independence) I choose to be free from stress as well.

Flashback just this February this year, I already went to one cat cafe here in Manila. It’s the Bengal Brew located at cubao. This is a cat cafe where you can bond with the cats. Beside the Bengal Brew is another cafe but in this cafe, you are to bond with dogs instead.

Here are some of the photos I had when I visited this cat cafe:


But most of the cats are sleeping during that time so we get to bond mostly with dogs – but I’m not really a dog person so I tried my best to hold them like the one I did below.


So since I wanted to experience cats even more (since I am more of a cat person instead of a dog person), I found a place where they offer to bond with cats alone…. and they are so awake!

So without another boring introduction, here are some photos from Miao Cat Cafe located in Quezon City.


The very first cat to come at our table (even though we hadn’t have food yet and we didn’t even called him). He just came to us on his own! He’s so adorable!!!

And here are some of the other cats in the cafe.

Some photos with us.

We spend maybe 2-hours of that day just staying in that cozy-lovely place to bond with the cats. I was smiling the whole time even by just looking at them. They’re so lovely and adorableble, they come to people on their own.

One kitten actually slept on my lap and the warm feeling from his body is just comforting.

All in all, it was really a fun ecperience – I really loved it and I want to come back, seriously!

I will come back soon! Wait for my adorable cats 😘


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