What happened today

So today is the third week of June and it means that it’s Father’s Day!

We didn’t go out to celebrate, instead, we just stayed at home and do the things we normally do on Sundays. But of course, we cooked more than we used to so as to celebrate this day. 🙂

On other news, ever since yesterday I was cleaning my art supplies – I think I’ve mentioned it on my yesterday’s post. So anyway, i was cleaning them one by one and to my surprise I found this:

Tada! My love for film sparked just even more! 

Found my negatives and printed ones during my college days. I don’t have really an intention of finding them but now that they’re here, I thought this would be the right time to organize them – and I did. And I feel satisfied by doing it. 

Then after a few hours, I started watching 2D1N – It’s a Korean reality-variety show that I really love watching. I always have a good laugh whenever I watched that and it somehow relaxes me when I’m stressed. I really think it does help me sometimes in coping up with my panic attacks. Then I also watched The Best Hit (Kdrama) and if you’re watching 2D1N, you might really like this Kdrama as well – not that it’s a reality-variety show but the actors and director are the same with 2D1N and I find it comforting and it fascinates me to show their real talents in acting and in their profession in comparison with their casual real self in the reality-variety show. Both shows are a thumbs-up! 

Then while watching, I came across this line in the series:

I intentionally tweeted it because I wanted to remember it. I think I felt that I can somehow relate to it and that I can somehow apply it to my thinking whenever I would feel that I’m about to get panic attacks again. Maybe it’s a shift of thinking that we need sometimes. And I haven’t thought about this line until today – it’s such a unique way of thinking, of twisting thinking around. 


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