I still have those times when I miss you –

Just like now. At this very moment. Now. 

I miss that there is someone I can talk to about any random things. I miss that there is someone you know that that person will listen to what you are saying – no matter what the subject is. I miss that there is someone you can think of in particular especially in times when you are alone, and by just the thought of them makes you feel like you are not really alone because what? After a few hours, days, months you know you’ll meet each other, no matter what the cost is. I miss that there is someone I can trust in almost ALL the things precious to you. I miss someone that is brave, all the while he is brave when the person is with you. I miss someone who you know is strength. I miss someone who could make you laugh and tell you random jokes. I miss someone I can exchange with movies I treasured and have watched.  I miss someone who you can talk to with serious matters – may it be personal, social or political. I miss someone who you’ll feel that the person really cares… no matter what the distance is. 

I think I miss him again. 

Or maybe I just miss that KIND of person, not him per se. 

Because I think, everythings changes overtime. And he’s not the person I used to be with and used to know. 

Or maybe this kind is what I really wanted and thought of projecting to do it in our past, but it failed. 

Maybe there’s a purpose why it failed. 

I do hope there is. 


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