May 28

“Pumasok ka na bukas kasi kung hindi ka papasok, lalo kang matatambakan” sabi ni nanay. 

Lol. So timely. My thoughts a while ago really goes like:

“Parang ayoko pumasok bukas, kasi alam ko ang daming pending na gawain, ayoko naman iwanan sa co-graphic artists ko – I hate that feeling”. 

Since friday last week, I’ve been feeling a bit odd. Something’s off in my head or right eye – in whichever case, I’m not really sure why do I feel uncomfortable on those parts of my body. 

My parents told me it might be puyat or lack of sleep. Honestly, I can’t really get a full 8-hour sleep even though I’ve transferred somewhere near my office to stay during work days. So I guess they were right and I really hope they are right. Because that would mean that I should just rest and get some enough sleep for the next days. 

But the more I analyze what’ not comfortable in me, I do feel a bit off at the back of my neck as well, so I thought to have my BP checked. Good thing we have a machine-checking for BP (I don’t know what exactly it is called) so I checked it and heck my result were 98/51, 106/51 and recently 98/60. In case you are curious, I am really a low blood person but to see my results to drop to 50 – I’m really a little alarmed. In fact, something about my vision isn’t right and it feels like me head is either light or heavy. All I’m sure of is that it’s not my normal head. 

And also, they asked me If I am still taking my vitamins – one for multi vitamins and the other is for blood circulation/Folic acid. And to be honest, I am not. So I think it does have an effect on me, BIG TIME. 

So today, I tried to get some sleep during the afternoon but my neighborhood’s so noisy outside so I haven’t had the chance to get the sleep and rest I am expecting. I still feel a bit off tonight but hopefully I’ll get better tomorrow. 

Not to mention my panic attacks going in and out of me when I feel unusual – I’m a biy scared of what might happen. And hey! I have to stop myself now. Hahahaha! No what ifs, just what is now. Okay? 👌🏻


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