Analog Love: 2016 shots

The year 2016 was a rough and tough year for me so far. Love and Health issues are two major subjects to highlight on.

And to cope with those two – well actually, to cope with love issue alone, I need to find something that I could be busy with (aside from work) so as to lift myself up when poisonous thoughts are running through my head again, I came with the idea of going back to what I love before meeting him – and it’s Photography.

Ever since I was in high school, I’ve grown a love for photography even though I am sure  that I don’t really know anything yet about photography aside from taking pictures that pleasures me – makes me happy and think that it makes sense. My eldest brother too (he’s in college by the time I was in high school) was into photography that time and I would say that he sort of influenced me. But both of use don’t own a DSLR/SLR during that time yet. So we borrowed our family’s phone with a camera (I believe it’s Nokia N70) and bring it to school (whoever comes to borrow it first).

First year of college came. My brother has work already and he bought me a film camera! Lomography are in trends during that time and I am so hyped with owning one and as a result – he gave me one as a birthday present. It was a Diana F+ that needed a 120mm film. But the first few trials didn’t worked out well so I sort of let it slipped away since I am quite busy with the school plates. Second year college came and I needed a DSLR already (yup, dreams do come true, I’ve enrolled to a course where I can practice my photography) and good thing by that time my brohter finally owns one which I can borrow to use for school plates. Years go by, I’m still using his camera and he then bought another camera to a friend but this time, it’s an SLR already. I am so hyped for him! Then I remembered my Diana F+ film camera and since 120mm film format are quite unusual here in the Philippines (except for those photography people, it’s easy for them to find one and also the fact that I am not that really serious in searching for the right places to bought films back then), I then tried finding solution to my problem and I found out that I can use the usual 35mm film format on my Diana F+ by just doing a little trick and DIY – but still, I would use DSLR instead of my film camera. Years passed by until graduation – I’ve had enough of bringing a big, bulky and heavy DSLR and it by bit, I started to quit using it.

Then last year, I’ve decided to go back but this time – full time on my Analog love.

So I’ve started on the month of September to December up until now (but still got a film loaded on my cam and still haven’t had the chance to go out and have some fun with it).

So for the last quarter of the year 2016, here are some of my shots that I can share with you:

Taken using Diana F+ / Cityscape
Nihonggo Lights
Taken using Diana F+ / Cityscape
Taken using Diana F+ / Cityscape
Taken using Diana F+ / Cityscape / Double Exposure
Taken using Diana F+ / Rural
Taken using Ricoh 35 EFL / Rural / Nagsasa Cove at Zambales
Taken using Ricoh 35 EFL / Rural / Nagsasa Cove at Zambales



Here are some of my shots from Last year. I used two different cameras – my very own Scat (her name – Diana F+) and a hand-me-down camera from my father which is the Ricoh 35 EFL. I might make another post about the cameras I am currently using and also will be posting analog photos as filler to pure written blog posts.

So as of this year, I haven’t developed my two rolls yet. Me and my high school friends had a vacation at (guess where?) Zambales again, but on a different location. I hope it be able to post it soon too.

So yes, I guess I am really getting back to my first love and I hope it would accept me as who I am. I hope we’ll have a good relationship after the long years I’ve tried putting it aside. I hope to get to bond with it for the rest of my life, I want to experience all my travels and good happy happenings with it as much as I can.

But I am so thankful  that I have thought to come back to it – it somehow reminded me of who I am before all of this happened. Sometimes, it’s a great thing to look back, but it is better to look carefully – not all things back there are still good for who you are today.  But some things are real good – like the real first love you have.

And for me, one of it is Photography.


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