Music is enough: The Coldplay experience

Last night was one of the most anticipated concerts most Filipinos are excited to see. It is the very first time that Coldplay will get to visit and perform their songs here in our country. The excitement aroused especially last year when the band officially announced that Philippines will be a part of their world tour in Asia among other countries like Singapore, Japan and South Korea. And true enough, Filipino fans are all hyped, excited and super happy that one of their favorite bands will get to perform (finally! After too many long years of waiting) live on the country – and one of them is me. 
I was really happy and sort of feeling-satisfied when I woke up this morning (the concert was last night). Guess what? I watched the concert of Coldplay. I saw all their colorful confetti and lights, their wonderful and amazing stage design and of course, the astounding and one of the creative bands I follow not just because they are so in these days but ever since I heard yellow and shiver(parachutes album), I am just so amazed on how they create their music especially the words that they use in each of their songs. It’s just so great! So yes, I was there with four of my best friends and hell yeah, we’re in the VIP section. But guess what again? As I blink my eyes a couple of times to make sure I am awake already, I realized, it was just all a dream. And there I realized, I am really a fan. #HeadFullOFDreams 

So yes, sorry for not meeting your expectations that I’ll be able to share to you my everglow experience concert of Coldplay but I myself too am disappointed that I hadn’t got the chance to be there, in that amazing night. And if you know me personally and follows my Instagram, you already know how bitter and sad I am through my Instagram story. I was really that heartbroken. Seriously. I didn’t even know how to express my sadness last night. But thank God my brother and his wife have a copy of Coldplay’s concert in France. It is not yet a part of the AHFOD world tour because most of the songs came from the album Mylo Xyloto but heck, it was helpful watching it! My sadness level lessen a bit and I am quite happy singing a long with them even though it was just through the tv screen. And also, thank God for that awesome dream! I really mean it. I guess God heard my silent cries inside of me last night and he let me watch them and experience them in my dreams. And I think there’s just nothing wrong with that. I woke up feeling happy and I can still visualize the stage and the confetti. It’s not really bad, I am happy dreamed about it. 

If you are curious about why didn’t I push though watching the concert – live in reality, well I have answers for you. 

I was really planning on going especially when they have officially announced it along with the prices of the tickets. But to be honest, I can’t really give off that kind of amount for the VIP, Platinum and Gold which leads me to just choosing between Bronze and General Admission. But eventually, I was rooting for the Bronze. But as you may know I might (still ‘might’ because I’m still not sure about it) have an anxiety/panic attack which leads me to the thinking that I should have some friend/s to come with me incase, you know something might happen given that the concert will not be held on stadiums/arena but on Mall Of Asia concert grounds only – which is free standing. So you might get the whole point and idea of why I should have someone with me. I did ask some of my friends and one of them is just like me, rooting for the gold or bronze part. So a little chit chat here and a little more confirmation there until we decided to just buy tickets the next year since during that time(it’s near Christmas), money matters are the priority. So, to cut it short, we never had the chance to buy tickets anyway the next year because we are already caught off guard by work schedules and other more travels and happenings until the day of the concert came – we are both #TeamBahay (#TeamHome).

I was really sad and all especially that I would really love to come and sing my heart out loud to their music live because it really helped me a lot during my break up/moving on stage last year. Every word in the lyrics are very gracefully arranged and it was just really like magic. If fits. Everything fits and it is really that good, great! I even practice my calligraphy by writing their song lyrics. 

Here are some of my works from last year’s practice:

Their songs are really that great. It really touched my heart and soul. One of the reasons I am currently and mostly using the word ‘celestial’ (url of this blog) is because of the song “Everglow”. Ever since I’ve heard and watched the youtube video of Coldplay playing that, with Chris Martin caressing the piano – I don’t know, this may sound impossible or too dramatic but it touched my soul and I just wanted to cry. There’s just something about those words… “still I see you Celestial…”. Ever since I heard that phrase, it felt like I am really that important. It might not be to someone I love but I am important to those people who love me. And it’s like whatever you do, or whatever you have failed to do, it doesn’t matter because I see you beyond all of that – you are celestial. And yes, I have plans on writing how I felt on their songs especially in one of my lowest times that happened last year, you can assure that coming in one of my posts soon. 
And to end this wonderful journey, I just wanted to say that even though I didn’t get to experience the concert physically (or should I say in reality), I really had fun in that dream. And I am not kidding. I may not have Ig stories, real photos and real fun Coldplay concert experience, but by just listening to their songs and seeing my fellow Filipino fans who came there last night showing how happy they are, it was overwhelming that I felt good and happy as well. 
You know, sometimes music is enough. With the right words that perfectly fit to the melody and rhythm, your soul could dance. And that’s  what happened to me – and still is.  


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