April 2 – update

So today, I’ve decided to message doc navalta about my guess/issue about my panic attack or anxiety disorder. Though nag eexpect sana ako na he might support me on what I am meaning to do pero yun nga, not all things are going to be how I wanted it to be so I have to accept that he is a doctor as well, and he reco of course, his way of treating people and by treating people, he uses organic medicine. And I am not against that, i actually am Pro about that. Pero aside from him, I still really want to talk with a consultant and I think it is a good gesture just to know if I really have it. Nasstress din kasi ako thinking about it – if my guess is right or not. So ayun. 

On other news, I made a plan this holy week and by plan, I don’t mean a plan to go to a trip. But a plan to clean the house and REMOVE UNNECESSARY THINGS we don’t actually need right now. CLEANSING kung baga, and I feel happy that I thought of that plan. 

Yes, I feel happy and satisfied and confident that I can make it this time so I hope God will also support me on this, I hope he will give me strength and guidance to accomplish this task because this is not just for my benefit, but this is for us, my family. Gusto ko unahin yung comfort and anti-stress thinking/vibe that we have in our home. I want our home to be happy as ever because being happy means being healthy. 😊


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